Thursday, May 3, 2007

Interdisciplinary Workshop Links Humanities, Arts and Science, Discussing Trends in Transdisciplinary Scholarship

HCTP Gathers Scientists, Humanists, Artists for Interdisciplinary Workshop

As we speak, Social and Physicial scientists, Educators,
Humanists and Artists are gathering today and tomorrow
in Toronto, Ontario, to discuss the relevance of the
Humanities and the Arts to work in Health Care,
Technology and Place (HCTP) the Strategic Research and Training
Program at The University of Toronto.

Attendees will be reflecting on how humanistic thinking could
influence scientific practices. For example, participants will
hear what artists have to say to a philosopher and a
human tissue engineer, what an expert in Geomatics
has to say to an opera singer, and what a disabled performance
artist/theorist conveys to a sociologist. Many other important
opportunities for the cross-fertilization of ideas models
and methods will be explored.

This intersection of ideas and dialogue between
professionals in the arts and sciences is yet another
important indication of the growing trend toward
cross disciplinary approaches in the arts, health, training
and education....
It should be a rich and productive two days of
discussion I'm sure.