Thursday, October 9, 2008

Arts and Science Converge Through Dance, Ferocious Beauty: Genome

I would like to share with you today a video of the presentation about the performance by Liz Lerman' s Dance Exchange troupe exploring knowledge of the human genome through dance, "Ferocious Beauty, Genome". This presentation describing the performance process took place through Case Western Reserve University at the Renaissance Hotel on May 2, 2008. CM

From Youtube:
"Choreographer Liz Lerman discussed and showed excerpts from her highly acclaimed performance project, Ferocious Beauty: Genome. From folk tales to scientists as choreographers, the piece takes an unconventional look at the nature of the genome and its impact. Lerman asks tough questions about the ethical, legal and social implications of genomics: ....If we have the capacity to select what we want in our genes, what will happen to diversity? If perfection is possible, who decides what it is? "

"The development of Ferocious Beauty: Genome initiated an unprecedented collaboration between dance and science, as the Dance Exchange partnered with a group of scientist and humanities scholars from institutions such as the University of Chicago, University of Illinois and Princeton and Stanford universities, as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the National Institutes of Health and the Genetics and Public Policy Center. Many of these advisors appear in the performance in videotaped interviews, representing viewpoints on the uses of genetic research that range from curing disease to maintaining bio-diversity to fighting terrorism.
Dance Exchange members and scientists learned from each other as the work evolved. Scientific collaborators provided accurate and objective information and the Dance Exchange filtered the information through their methodology for making dances, a process in which the company members engage as full collaborators."
above quote from Press Release

Sit in on this interesting lecture with video clips from the performance.Front row seats now at Youtube:

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