Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IJCAIP Subscriber News, April 2014


IJCAIP  Spring/Summer 2014 Publishers' Supplementary Issue 12 Advance Announcement

Upcoming issue Summer 2014 Is.  #12 of IJCAIP Journal, "Creating Spaces for Change" will feature articles on The Healing Arts in Action * The Art of  Mindfulness for Practitioner Wellness * Story for Change * Book reviews and more...this supplementary issue will  be published with full text articles for access by IJCAIP subscribers,  June 2014 at


Arts and Medicine: Meeting the Challenge of Change

Living Stories of Hope and Change,  How can the creative arts contribute to practitioner wellness?

More follow up and news about this presentation at Alberta Doctors' AMA website


Creative Arts in Humane Medicine

New Book! Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, a project of The International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, published by Brush Education, dist. University of Toronto Press


IJCAIP Subscriber News and Congratulations!

Dr. Vincent Hanlon, Physician and Family Support Program, PFSP, Alberta,  facilitated workshops Everyday Mindfulness Practice and Evidence and Ready or Not Here Comes Retirement, Alberta Psychiatric Association Conference, Banff, March 2014

New Book! Catherine Etmanski, Budd L. Hall, Teresa Dawson,  Learning and Teaching Community Based Research Linking Pedagogy to Practice, University of Toronto Press.

Amy Clements-Cortes, Assistant Professor, limited term appointment, Research, Music and Health Research, University of Toronto

Cheryl L. McLean, Pt. time faculty appointment, summer 2014, M.Ed. Curriculum Studies Program, Research in Creativity, Acadia University, Nova Scotia.  Keynote speaker summer institute 2014.