Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Humanities Days Celebrating the Human Face of Medicine

Narrative, Music, Visual Arts,
History and Spirituality
An International Conference
on Humanities in Medicine

May 17-20, 2007, Halifax NS
organized by the Dalhousie University
(Humanities in Medicine Program)
in association with Stanford University
(Arts, Humanities & Medicine),
and the University of Alberta
(Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine Program)
This event offers an opportunity to share and celebrate
the arts and humanities in fostering a culture of balance
in the education and life of those who practice medicine.
This 3-day gathering will explore the contributions of
the humanities as a means of enhancing understanding
the human condition. Five core areas are covered in
the conference program: narrative, music, visual arts,
history, and spirituality. The program includes symposia,
panel discussions, art exhibits, film, drama, music, and more.

Humanities Days

Music in Medicine