Monday, October 8, 2007

Quotes on Arts in Health and Education, CCAHTE Journal September 07 Quotes of Note

Quotes of note, September 07 issue, CCAHTE Journal

"To live well, and to foster well-being, and to nurture meaningful living, I locate myself in poetry and poetic awareness and poetic knowing. Above all, I seek to live

“In poetry, reading and writing poetry, I learned to listen to my body, heart, mind, spirit and imagination in a holistic honouring of health consciousness.”
Carl Leggo Ph.D., University of British Columbia
from CCAHTE, September 07, "Living Poetically: Pensées on Literacy and Health"

"Increased confidence and self esteem, social wellbeing, skill and knowledge developments, motivation and energy, creation of hope and fighting stigma are themes that reflect how members feel Workman Arts has impacted their quality of life."
Nicole Koziel, MD (in progress), University of Toronto
from CCAHTE, September 07, "Quality of Life and Mental Health Outcomes in Workman Arts Members"