Thursday, May 1, 2008

Digital Ethnography Thinking About the Future of Student Learning

Continuing on again in our thread about technology, community,democracy and new forms of idea sharing.....
Such creative work and progressive communication I believe is very much related to the relative health of our educational systems and our society.

The video "A Vision of Students Today" is an example of digital ethnography created by Michael Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology along with the 200 students enrolled in ANTH 200: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University in Spring 2007. According to Wesch, the project began as a brainstorming exercise, thinking about how students learn, what they need to learn for their future. Students wrote the script, and made suggestions for survey questions to ask the entire class. The survey was administered the following week.
Wesch then took all of the information from the survey and organized it into the final script portrayed in the video which was filmed over one 75 minute class period.
The introduction was filmed a month later. It is inspired by Marshall McLuhan's ideas as they apply to education.
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