Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New York University Drama Project Recruiting for Participants

A notice today from Joe Salvatore, New York University:

Recruiting Participants for New Drama Project About Class and Socioeconomic Status

I am writing to ask for your assistance in recruiting potential participants for a research project that I am conducting on class and socioeconomic status.

I am inviting NYC-based participants to take part in an interview theater project to learn more about how people living and/or working in New York City feel about class and socioeconomic status. I am the principal investigator, and I'm working with a team of nine student researcher/actors to create the work. Following the interview process, we will create a performance script from the interview transcripts, and "The Class Project" will be presented as a theatre piece in the fall mainstage slot for the Program in Educational Theatre at the Steinhardt School.
The performance dates will be October 24-November 2, 2008.

Contact: Joe Salvatore, Teacher, Program in Educational Theatre
New York University at 212.998.5266
email: _js1655@nyu.edu_