Thursday, July 16, 2009

Subscriber Shares Story of Art and Strength of Bamboo

Artwork by

Zarei Fatemeh

We recently heard from IJCAIP subscriber, Zarei Fatemeh, an artist who is currently working in the medical sciences field in Iran. She shares with us below the story of her art and work in health and education.

" I am a minimalist painter so I try to see things as abstract and simple based on a world that is free of bureaucratic complexity and complexity in relationship and discipline. In a complex world we can tend to see, feel and behave in complex ways. One of my artistic symbols is bamboo. Bamboo may be seen as a simple plant that grows in water but it is, in fact, a straight and hard plant. We see in this simple and clear context that even free of nutrients, the strength and power of the bamboo is revealed. Health also is like this. A simple clear mind is healthier than an over complicated one."

"I have been an artist for eight years and have participated in over 10 art exhibits in Iran. My work is created in acrylic and water colour. I work in health education and promotion with an MS degree from The University of Medical Sciences, Iran. I am working at Qazin University in the medical science field as a member of the health faculty, secretariat of health promotion unit. My aspiration is to continue my major in health promoting my art as well."