Monday, March 19, 2012

Arts and Health Canada Network Featuring Canadians Active in Field

We are pleased to announce that a feature article written by Nancy Cooley of Cooley and Associates B.C. will soon be published in an upcoming issue of The Arts Health Canada network website.

The series will feature individuals and organizations currently active in arts and health in Canada. IJCAIP and activities of the journal are featured in the first article in the series.

(excerpt from upcoming article)

"While McLean (publisher of The International Journal of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, IJCAIP ) sees recent progress in advancing the understanding of the contributions of arts to health, she still sees much work that needs to be done. She would like to see more ways to bring people together; to develop common terminology; broader and more inclusive thinking in the field; more understanding and recognition of the effectiveness of creative arts therapies; more willingness to look at the utility, applications and practice of arts for health; more university programming looking at the creative arts and interdisciplinary research; and more research in arts and health generally. She feels it is important to look at what is happening from the grass roots up, what is happening in communities to improve quality of life and to use arts to give marginalized persons a voice in their lives to improve their conditions and to make their stories known in their communities. "
Nancy Cooley, Cooley and Associates

Arts Health Network Canada