Friday, June 25, 2010

Alberta Artist Designs for Blockbuster Films

Thought you might find this youtube video excerpt featuring University of Alberta Fine Arts grad Todd Cherniawsky interesting. As he mentions in this video, Todd brings many interdisciplinary skills to his artistic work. He contributed to blockbusters such as Sphere, The Hulk, Oceans 13, War of the Worlds, and most recently, James Cameron's Avatar, the biggest grossing film of all time.

Avatar, my favourite film. Just wish I could design a perky one to leap from tree to tree when
I'm being chased by my publishing deadlines :)

Front row seats, Check this video out to hear from a successful artist and designer from Alberta, sorry about the nudging of the blog sidebar for space on this one...

Thanks to Youtube...and to Geoff McMaster U of Alberta for producing this video...