Monday, December 15, 2014

Series Breaks New Ground for Creative Arts in Action Across Disciplines

The CAIP (Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice) Series, published by Brush Education, Edmonton.  has helped break new ground for research in the creative arts applied across disciplines.  "Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change" Editor Cheryl L. McLean, Publisher, International Journal of The Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice IJCAIP  and  Associate Editor , Robert Kelly, Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary is the first text in the CAIP Research Series.

The groundbreaking book Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change introduces an emerging and rapidly growing field with a dynamic collection of illustrative articles featuring leading academics, artists/researchers, physicians, nurse educators, social work educators, activists, environmentalists and others who actively use the creative arts in interdisciplinary practice in cutting edged research and in methodologies for health, hope and change. Readers will learn how the creative arts can offer unique opportunities to embody and re-illuminate the human story, stage human vulnerability, foster citizenship and give voice to narratives of human experience.

Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change" is a contemporary research collection that features methods that are participative, communal, active and experiential. It speaks of approaches that actively re-illuminate lived experiences and foster and encourage deep and multi-sensory communication and embodied forms of expression with elements visual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

This is a book for the times that stresses the vital importance of creativity and the human story, a body of work that seeks to help give voice to the silenced, the oppressed and the marginalized, which includes narrative accounts of personal transformation that honour creative expression as fundamental and at the very source of human meaning and purpose.

This contemporary, action oriented and transformative book points to a new path for hope and change while showing how the creative arts in inquiry and in action applied across disciplines can make a critical difference for individuals and society.

At over 400 pages “Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change is a rich and multifaceted collection of articles and chapters about the creative arts in inquiry and interdisciplinary practice, an accessible yet highly informative book that enlightens the reader about the methods and the processes while demonstrating how the creative arts can uniquely cross disciplines and fields in search of solutions while creating new communities for change in the process.

The second book in the CAIP Research Series, Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change,  features illustrative articles describing the creative arts in research and practice within neighbourhoods, villages, and cities for community and cultural change. In these times of desperate need and ongoing unrest internationally, this research collection -- featuring leaders across disciplines -- is a valuable source of information as well as a call for creative new approaches in contemporary research leading to action and change. The articles in this book will be of special interest to university based educators; artists and researchers; facilitators; practitioners; educators in the social sciences; social work and social justice professionals; activists and community change agents; heritage, cultural, and urban planners; healthcare professionals and public health educators; fundraisers and many others. Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change is a research book that provides first hand insights into evolving and participatory processes unique to the creative arts in action for change  as well as a wealth of information and examples for relevant in-depth dialogue and debate.

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine is a book for medical educators, practitioners, students and those in the allied health professions who wish to learn how the arts can contribute toward a more caring and empathic approach to medicine. Topical research and inspiring real-life accounts from international innovators in the field of humanistic medicine show how the creative arts in varied forms can contribute toward greater learning and understanding in medicine, as well as improved health and quality of life for patients and practitioners.  The book has received excellent reviews from physicians and practitioners in the field as well as leading medical and medical humanities journals, among them:

"All submissions incorporated extensive literature reviews which will well serve the reader who wishes to delve more thoroughly into specific content.  Several entries discussed the evolution of the medical humanities in medical education...McLean's new book is for all those interested in healthcare and the arts.  The integration of the arts into health care remains a marginalized field, but best practices in this field abound." 
Hektoen International, A Medical Humanities Journal

"Some have said that medicine, rather than being a science, is really an interactive process. It is informed by science but also dependent on psychology, sociology, philosophy, law and human creativity. McLean’s book should be a must read for those responsible for medical that in the end the human connection between healers and those they heal is enhanced."
Michael Gordon MD, MSc, FRCPC -- Medical Program Director, Palliative Care, Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System; Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

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