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December 2013 IJCAIP Subscriber News, A year of celebration and thanks.....

Dear subscribers International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice:

Books and Reviews

This year comes to a close on a note of celebration and thanks as  I reflect on activities at  IJCAIP Journal.  Work  has  largely been devoted to our new book, Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, Brush Education, distributed by University of Toronto Press. Creative Arts in Humane Medicine has been created as a resource book for medical educators, practitioners and students who wish to learn how the arts can contribute toward a more caring and empathic approach to medicine.  Physician wellness is also an important topic as we examine the many ways the arts can play a role in addressing the health needs of physicians and other allied health professionals.  This book  is available now for  ordering in hard copy or ebook formats at the  Brush Education website.  

In editing this book I  have been privileged to work with international leaders and innovators in the field of arts and medicine, physicians and medical educators, researchers, allied health professionals and internationally renowned artists.  In my association with Brush Education  I have been fortunate over this year to collaborate with some of the best editors in the Canadian publishing industry.  

 My thanks also  extends to those IJCAIP Journal  subscribers who reviewed our book:

"Some have said that medicine, rather than being a science, is really an interactive process. It is informed by science but also dependent on psychology, sociology, philosophy, law and human creativity. McLean’s book should be a must read for those responsible for medical that in the end the human connection between healers and those they heal is enhanced."

Michael Gordon MD, MSc, FRCPC -- Medical Program Director, Palliative Care, Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System; Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

"Creative Arts in Humane Medicine takes us on a fascinating journey to meet the educators, clinicians, support workers and artists who apply arts-based methods in innovative ways to enhance patient care, reflexivity in learners and a sense of community, and well-being in practitioners. The book stands out with an emphasis on multiple media (theater, music, visual and digital imagery, literature and reflective writing), as well as the inclusion of international and interprofessional perspectives."

Allan D. Peterkin, MD, FRCPC, FCFP -- Head, Health, Arts and Humanities Program and Humanities Lead, Undergraduate Medical Education, University of Toronto

"Creative Arts in Humane Medicine is a fascinating collection of essays that evocatively illustrates the importance of literature, music, photography, and art in facilitating self-care and awareness among health care providers, training empathetic physicians, and improving patient care."

Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP -- Author of Public Health and Social Justice (2013)

"Through a collage of creative arts methods and messages, these authors illuminate the essence of the “human story of health care” as loving, healing and humanly embodied—an essential message in an era of highly institutionalized technical health care. A must read for academics, researchers, clinicians, and students interested in creative healing arts, narrative health and humane medicine, or for anyone interested in the application of reflection and curiosity, creative expression and arts-based methods to the field of healthcare."

Sue MacRae -- Registered Nurse, Clinical Ethicist, Psychotherapist


International Inroads, Medical Education

We have made  important new inroads internationally around our common interests in the creative arts and medicine. I had a special opportunity to present  for the American Medical Students' Association AMSA as part of their Medical Humanities Scholars' program. Aliye Runyan MD, Education and Research Fellow for AMSA, has written the forward for our book Creative Arts in Humane Medicine. She writes,  "AMSA believes it is paramount that the physician not only be a scientist but a humanist, a communicator and an advocate."


I will be presenting a keynote, March 2014,  in Banff  for The Alberta Psychiatric Association conference, "Challenges of Change for our Patients and our Profession" ...the  talk, "Living Stories for Hope and Change"  will examine how the creative arts, lived and embodied through drama and story, can lead to personal discovery, healing and change for the practitioner.  A breakout session will follow with an active group opportunity to embody, remember, write and perform a " living story"/narrative.   More keynote information here:

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After eight years, our journey continues and I want to thank our many subscribers who have supported us at IJCAIP....a vital web based  academic and professional community with common interests in the creative arts in interdisciplinary research, education and practice.   Please feel free to contact me, your feedback or comments would be most welcomed.


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