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Speech keynote transcripts:


Living Stories of Hope and Change, How the arts, drama and story based on lived experience  impacts psychiatry.  Keynote highlights as delivered at The Alberta Psychiatric  Association Conference, Banff



"Ms McLean's (keynote) presentation ("Living Stories of Hope and Change")  addressed two questions: How can I use the creative arts to support my personal wellness?, How do the creative arts in medicine help practitioners enhance clinical and relational skills? She answered those questions in a multifaceted presentation that began with a dramatic reminiscence honoring the memory of her mother, a psychiatric nurse. Her references to the burgeoning literature about the dynamic and sometimes controversial, presence of the humanities in health care complemented the performance aspects of her presentation. For Ms. McLean, the arts and the humanities provide practitioners with a rich means to discover and re-discover the nature of healing—of our patients and ourselves."
         Alberta Medical Association website



Navigating the Tides of Challenge and Change in Education  with The Creative Arts in Research and Practice, new applications of the arts in education and for community change highlights as delivered at Acadia University, School of Education


"In Navigating Tides of Challenge and Change", a keynote address to the one-day conference titled Creative Professionalism, hosted by the School of Education at Acadia University, Cheryl McLean once again connects people and the work they do. Cheryl understands the need for community and communal responses to communal issues. She does not shy away from challenging her audience, but she also offers encouragement and support to those who take up those challenges."  

Dr. John J. Guiney Yallop, Acadia University,  School of Education


Book excerpts:


Remember Me for BirdsAn Ethnodrama about Aging, Mental Health and Autonomy

article highlights  from the book, Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, Brush Education



Book reviews:


 Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, Brush Education, Edmonton (dist. University of Toronto Press)


Book review


 Hektoen International a Journal of the Medical Humanities

General reviews





We were recently published in *Spoonful Magazine, Creative Medicine, C.L. McLean,  , Arts Health Institute, Newcastle Australia, pg. 78-79, Issue 2, 2014

(*highly recommended, this outstanding  new magazine is a first rate publication featuring arts in action in health and across disciplines  in many forms, for  info:


Upcoming invited paper:


Perspectives:  Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy (Taylor and Francis), (activating "the third space" in arts fostering cross disciplinary collaborations) article C. McLean pending publication for release, Spring 2015.)





The Power of the Arts  National Forum,  Carleton University, Ottawa, November 7-9


(The Power of the Arts Forum is co-organized by the MichaĆ«lle Jean Foundation and Carleton University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It convenes researchers, business leaders, legal experts, policymakers, urban planners, architects, youth, health practitioners, artists, and representatives of other key sectors of Canadian society. The main objectives of the Forum are to reinforce a Pan-Canadian and multi-sector network of researchers, practitioners and organizations using the arts as tools for social change and to enhance an action plan reinforcing national, regional and local initiatives using the arts to improve the quality of life in underserved communities.) 

 * I will be attending this event and would enjoy connecting with any of our IJCAIP subscribers who may also be in attendance. cm)

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