Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medical Humanities, Literature, Arts and Medicine Blog Launched NYU School of Medicine

We're glad here at the CCAHTE Journal BLOG "Crossing Borders" to hear about the new BLOG at NYU. Another important indication that the movement in arts and medicine continues to gain momentum across N.A. and internationally.

New Blog launched in relation to Medical Humanities, Literature, Arts and Medicine Data Base, NYU School of Medicine

Yet another important indication... Movement in Arts and Medicine Continues to Gain Momentum in N.A. and Internationally


the stated purpose (of the NYU blog) is "to promote communication and discussion among scholars, educators, and students working in interdisciplinary fields that utilize humanities, social sciences, and the arts to address current issues in medicine and bioscience . " In addition, the blog has a sidebar listing regional events of interest. Comments on posted commentaries can be submitted directly at the blog site.

Info: http://litmed.med.nyu.edu/
Medical Humanities URL: http://medhum.med.nyu.edu/