Friday, September 21, 2007

Mental Health Featured in London Ontario Film Series

London Central Library

"Windows into the Mind" Film Series
Location: London (Ontario) Central Library

7 pm - 9 pm,

(First Thursday, Second Thursday, Third Thursday, Fourth Thursday of the month October 4 - October 26)

A series aimed at exploring lives touched by mental illness as portrayed in film.

October 4th
Out of the Shadow, 67 min, 2006 documentary
Susan Smiley turns the camera on her own family and the story of her family's secret struggle to deal with her mother's schizophrenia within the confines of the public health system. This film is a story of madness and dignity, shame and love, illuminating the issues through one compelling story.

October 11th
Cracking Up, 45 min, 2007 Documentary
This is a life-affirming documentary about people with mental illness who embark on a quirky quest to become stand up comics. The film follows eleven courageous people who suffer from schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and manic depression as they embark on a year of stand-up comedy. The course is the brainchild of counsellor and comedian David Granirer.

October 18th
Cinemania, 83min, 2002 Documentary
This documentary about culture of intense cinephilia in New York City reveals the impassioned world of five obsessed movie buffs. Interviews tell the story of each individual. These human encyclopedias of film see two to five films a day, and from 600 to 2000 films per year. This is the story of their lives, their memories, their unbending habits and the films they love.

October 25th,
Everything's Jake, 95min, 2000 Comedy/Drama
Jake is a homeless man living in New York City and a survivor who finds out that even an optimistic attitude won't always protect him from life's little surprises.

Speakers: Representatives of London Homeless Coalition

Cost: Free
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