Sunday, October 21, 2007

Books by Canadian Writers Pat Capponi, Yvonne Trainer

Great books

I want to direct you to some excellent reading that may be of interest....

I recently read a very powerful and provocative book on mental health.... "Beyond the Crazy House" the Changing Future of Madness by writer, Pat Capponi from Toronto. I found this book to be direct, honest and deeply wise. Capponi proves through her accounts, personal histories and intimate reports that there is a critical need for change but, beyond the many challenges there can be hope, life and dignity "Beyond the Crazy House"...a home, a job and a friend. This book is written by a great teacher as well as a sensitive leader who is helping to "change the future of madness" in Canada and beyond.

Read an excerpt from "Beyond the Crazy House" at,,0_9780141005102,00.html?sym=EXC

"As for me, on most days I'm filled with a deep sense of pride and shared accomplishment. We are survivors, and more than just survivors: we are groundbreakers and role models and teachers and leaders. and though there remains much to do, much to fight, much to plan, we have made a tremendous start, for ourselves and for others. Madness will never be the same."
Pat Capponi

Another excellent book, a collection of poems about an unforgettable First Nations cowboy,

Tom Three Persons A Multimedia Poetry Sequence
by Yvonne Trainer Ph.D.

I also had an opportunity recently to read the poetry collection "Tom Three Persons", described as "a postmodern poem", a multimedia poetry sequence and a work of Prairie Realism. Written by Yvonne Trainer Ph.D., this book of found poems is well researched and based on archival material and historical accounts and deals with the life of "Tom Three Persons" a Blood and bronco rider from the Standoff Reserve in Alberta who won the Calgary Stampede championship in 1912 on a horse named "Cyclone"...the horse that 126 other cowboys had not been able to ride.

The poems were originally delivered as a 30 minute recitation (performance). I found
the book moving visually as well as a postmodern collection with photos (black and white) to create the feel of a poetic documentary. Yvonne creates in this unique work a "living" and intimate voice that seems to take us deeper and more inward with each poem and reading. It is revealing and honest writing and tells through action about the high points and many challenges Tom faced during his successful rodeo career while also sharing insights about the history, the man and the times.

For more about this book and Yvonne Trainer's poetry

and news....

In addition to her work as a scholar, professor and poet, Yvonne has been working all summer and into Fall to help launch a new site for book lovers. It includes a Book Club, Book discussions, a Weekly Featured Writer (mainly poets) and a Women Who Love to Read Project, plus blogs about books and writers. New features will appear weekly on the site.