Monday, November 19, 2007

Public Health and Social Justice New Website Offers Accessible Articles, Slide Shows, Resources

From Martin Donohoe MD, FACP:

I have recently developed a website covering public health and social justice, which can be found at or at

This website contains articles, slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in public health and social justice. References for most of the information contained in the slide shows can be found in the accompanying articles. Presentations will be updated a few times per year.

The site is aimed at students, educators, and the general public. It grew out of my recognition that medical, and even nursing and public health schools tend to inadequately address the social, economic, environmental, human rights, and cultural contributors to health and disease. Some of the content focuses on the medical humanities and the history of medicine, long-standing passions of mine.

Feel free to use information from the articles and slide shows, indeed even the slides themselves, with appropriate citation. It is my hope that this information can be disseminated widely, influencing current and future generations of health professionals and others concerned about creating a more just and peaceful world.

I am hoping to add other syllabi and articles from the many talented individuals working in this area. Please email me any articles and/or slide shows you would be willing to share, along with comments, corrections, and suggestions re my content.

My goal is to create an on-line clearinghouse for information and curricular materials re public health and social justice, and eventually to develop an annual, week-long colloquium/training, run by experts in their fields, for health professionals, students, and others interested in becoming social justice advocates.

Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP

We were pleased to receive this general notice from Dr. Martin Donohoe who tells us he enjoys reading the CCAHTE Journal and has recommended it to colleagues.

Martin Donohoe MD, FACP is an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Community Health at Portland State University and a hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Hospital. He serves on the Board of Advisors of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) and is Chief Scientific Advisor to Oregon PSR’s Campaign for Safe Foods.

His site is comprehensive and well designed, a generous sharing of information and knowledge about critical health and social issues such as pharmaceutical ethics, physician drug testing, food safety, homelessness, homosexuality and human rights. Accessible slides, presentations, articles...

Highly recommended, check out the website at