Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jazz Brings Creativity to Business

Photo George Laidlaw on sax plays with his jazz band for students at UWO's Ivey School of Business (MORRIS LAMONT/Sun Media)

Fostering Creativity with Jazz in the Business School
The Business of Creativity and All That’s Jazz
"...welcome to the future of business -- where an ability to innovate and improvise is deemed as valuable as an ability to understand double-entry bookkeeping." Ian Gillespie, London Free Press

Today we are seeing the arts in many forms applied across disciplines in health, education and in business to help offer new forms of communication and self expression as well as fostering and inspiring experimentation and innovative thinking.
There was an interesting article in the Wednesday, December 5, "London Free Press" written by Ian Gillespie, reporting on a progressive new seminar held recently at The Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

This jazz/business session offered a new approach to fostering creativity and learning about improvisation, adaptability and flexibility in life and work with help from The George Laidlaw Quartet... Bob Hughes, on drums, George Laidlaw saxophonist, Alan Ogborne, pianist and John Griffiths, bassist. The musicians performed and talked about jazz and its connections to creative business thinking in a session for about 100 graduate students

“These students know how to do process and structure. What they need to add is the capability to adapt and be ok with the challenge of not knowing where they are going.”
Michael Sider, Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School.

"Never play a thing the same way twice."- Louis Armstrong