Saturday, February 9, 2008

Breast Cancer Activism, Filmmaker, Researcher Seeks Images

Announcement from filmmaker Patricia Kearns On Behalf Of BC Centre of Excellence (WHC)

Searching for images
of breast cancer activism

I am currently researching a film about the history of the breast
cancer movement for the NFB (National Film Board) and am looking for images.
... photos or videotapes of meetings, demonstrations, conferences...
I am especially looking for anything from the first World Breast Cancer
Conference held in Kingston in 1997 and the subsequent ones
in Victoria, Ottawa and Halifax. The search for this material has proven to
be quite difficult but it is an important
story to tell. I am in touch with both
the Second Wave Archival Project
and the Canadian Women's Movement Archives.
(An independent filmmaker living in Montreal, Patricia Kearns brings a strong sense of community and a wide range of interests to her work. Through her own company  Pack Productions, she has directed such acclaimed experimental documentaries as "If the Family Fits", a thoughtful deconstruction of the family-values agenda, and "Choir Girls",  a celebratory portrait of a women's choir. "XS STRESS: Teens Take Control" is the second  film she has directed for the National Film Board, following "Democracy à la Maude",  a profile of Canadian social activist Maude Barlow. She also was producer of the NFB's acclaimed website, Citizenshift that hosts media for social change. )