Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creative Arts and Bereavement , University of Western Ontario Distance Education Course Becomes Learning Community

"Reclamation" photo by C. McLean

Creative arts and bereavement education over the internet.

Twenty five women from across the country.. nurses, counsellors, mental health professionals, qualitative researchers, artists, teachers, social workers, ministers, chaplains and caregivers are connecting in a unique distance education course at The University of Western Ontario with the help of instructional technologies (Web CT Owl) and learning together about creative responses and the arts in death and bereavement work. Course content explores “the creative response” and the interplay of creativity and the arts such as writing, drama, ritual, narrative, poetry and visual arts in healthcare.

This academic course, “Creative Responses in Death and Bereavement” is part of the Grief and Bereavement Certificate Program, Continuing Studies, University of Western Ontario, London and is taught by Cheryl McLean. “This is more than a course. It’s become a community as we have had an opportunity to share rich and meaningful stories while learning about the many applications of the creative arts in health, education and training."

The course will close with a week-end of arts and bereavement presentations, performances and experiential workshops reflecting the theme “Remembering the Story of a Life” to be held at King’s University College July 5 and 6.