Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caregiving and Alzheimer's Disease, Researchers at University of Toronto Put Caregiving on the Map

Putting Care on the Map

Portraits of Caregiving and Alzheimer's Disease Across Canada

A Research Exhibit

Ardra Cole

and Maura McIntyre

September 22 - 27, 2008
Toronto City Hall

This experiential exhibit features photographic portraits of family caregivers, audio recordings of stories of care and emblems and artifacts that speak of the caregiving experience.

We recently heard from CCAHTE subscriber Maura McIntyre, a researcher at The University of Toronto, about an upcoming exhibit to be held at Toronto City Hall. We are pleased to bring you news today about this arts informed research exhibit.

"We are researchers from the University of Toronto working on a study about caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. In Putting Care on the Map we are interested in raising the profile of care and caregiving across Canada. The Alzheimer’s Project is a seven-piece art-research project about caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease that pays tribute to those with the illness and those in caregiving roles. One purpose of the exhibit is to make Alzheimer’s disease more familiar to a wide public audience. Another aim is to provide opportunities for those directly affected by the illness to feel affirmed and supported. We used two and three dimensional images and objects to represent, communicate and educate about aspects of caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease, while also inviting the audience to experience and make meaning of the work."

"We are seeking to understand more about the emotional complexities of Alzheimer’s disease and what it means to care. We want to show Canadians where care lives and what it looks like for family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. "Putting Care on the Map" is a tribute to family caregivers and to the worthiness of care and caregiving in general. We invite you to help us put care on the map. "
Maura McIntyre, Ardra Cole

View the PDF invitation to "Putting Care on the Map"

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"Front row seats" for Ardra Cole & Maura McIntyre presentation

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