Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Metis Artist Gives Life to Knowledge Builds Bridges to Understanding

Art by Leah Dorion

We were pleased to receive news today from Metis artist and educator Leah Dorion from Saskatchewan.

"I would like to be placed on your subscription list. I am currently doing a study on the impacts of arts based learning on First Nations and Metis students at the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program. I am a practicing visual artist."

Above you will see a sample of Leah Dorion's work called, "Givers of Life" which was recently commissioned by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. The painting was created to celebrate their programme while symbolizing the power of women to give life to the next generation.

Leah views her Metis heritage as a unique bridge for knowledge between all people.
She describes her painting, "Givers of Life",

"The woman of many different cultures all stand under the sacred tree of life holding and nurturing the babies. The midwives and grandmothers are visually represented to acknowledge their important role in bringing forward new life and supporting the mothers. The roots of the sacred tree provide the women with the strength and grounding and fortitude to stand strong.
The large sun in the background represents the "hope" and "warmth" that is a foundation for the work that the society undertakes with its work with the world's women." Leah Dorion.

Click here for more information about Leah Dorion and her work.