Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Arts "Crossing Borders" Blog

Hello and welcome,

It's a pleasure to welcome you to the Arts and Health, "Crossing Borders" Blog. A little background about my blog, what it's all about and what you'll find here might be helpful for any of you who are new visitors to this site.

The Arts and Health "Crossing Borders" blog began as a "companion" blog for the Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education Journal . I started the blog back in April 07 as a way to keep in touch with our CCAHTE subscribers about research and new projects underway.
As the blog has evolved I've had an opportunity to feature news and stories on a wide range of topics.
Our work in the arts, health, training and education is uniquely interdisciplinary and the diverse content at the blog reflects the variety of disciplines represented. Here at the blog you can expect a very broad, inclusive even eclectic approach to the posts that are featured as we are "Crossing Borders" into new fields, exploring possibilities along the way. New ideas are welcomed and many of the projects we have featured have been inspired by tips or news from our subscribers across the country who keep me posted about creative cutting edge research or other interesting or related projects underway at the intersections of the arts and sciences. I also try to keep our subscribers up-to-date about international events and happenings. So, as you explore the blog, expect news and announcements, conferences and job postings, links to a wide variety of websites and other blogs, video, project descriptions as well as provocative interviews. We have also featured compelling stories about arts informed research for hope and change, projects making a difference in our cities and communities and summaries from peer reviewed articles that have been published in The Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education Journal.

Visit this blog with an open mind. There are also spaces for the stories "outside the box" that open the way for inquiry and discussion as well as opportunities to share new visions for progressive work that may be in the formative stages. Consider this meeting place a work in progress. A creative spirit of experimentation and collaboration is encouraged.

Please feel free to scroll down the blog to the archives and you can read up on posts all the way back to April 07. Toward the bottom of the blog you'll find a convenient labels section where hundreds of posts are archived by headings. Check in with us often for updates.
I hope you will find the CCAHTE Arts and Health "Crossing Borders" blog helpful in your own work and I invite you to share the news with colleagues and friends.

All the best, the journey continues,

Cheryl McLean, Editor, Publisher, CCAHTE

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