Thursday, July 2, 2009

Music and Singing for Health , Workshop Introduces Music as Medicine, Sacred Singing, Healing Harmonies

MUSIC IS MEDICINE: Sacred Singing, Healing Harmonies

Workshops with Don Hill

Modern neuroscience is affirming what vocalists and shamans have known for years: Singing is healthy for you and specific vocal styles that play on 'harmonic overtones' stimulate the sense of well-being.

Harmonic overtones are embedded within sacred choral music performed worldwide.

In this introductory workshop, you will hear and learn how Tibetan monks, Gregorian chanters and Mongolian overtone singers create the powerful healing and meditative qualities associated with ritual chanting and overtone harmonics.

A complementary instructional DVD is bundled with the workshop.

The introductory workshop will be held in MONTREAL: Friday 10 JULY (beginning at 7 PM) and all day Saturday 11 JULY at 5706 Queen Mary Road (Hampstead).

In EDMONTON: Friday 21 AUGUST (beginning at 7 PM) and all day Saturday 22 AUGUST at the Westwood Unitarian Congregation church at 11135 - 65 Avenue (close to the Parkallen community centre).

Don Hill, formerly host of CBC's "Tapestry ", is a member of the creative faculty and the podcast voice of The Leadership Lab at the Banff Centre's Leadership Development Program. His counsel is part of a gathering of leading edge thinkers from the areas of leadership, popular media and the voice and vocal arts. He has been commissioned (2009) to develop ‘sound explorer’, a new acoustic modality for teaching the art of leadership. With the CKUA Radio Network (2007-2009), a listener-supported public broadcaster in Alberta, Don created and hosted Inspiring Leadership (20 half-hour episodes), and Inspiring Leadership 2.0, a thirteen-part documentary series, which featured conversations with over one hundred leaders about the challenges of sustainability and environmental leadership in the 21st century.

Advance registration for Music is Medicine required with annehill (at)