Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baycrest Bringing Creativity into Clinical Practice with Older Adults

Baycrest Social Workers are pleased to present
The Walter Lyons Memorial Social Work Clinic Day

Bringing Creativity into Clinical Practice with Older Adults

Friday, November 12, 2010
The Joseph E. & Minnie Wagman Centre
55 Ameer Avenue, Toronto, Ontario (on the Baycrest Campus)

Sponsorship generously provided by:
The Walter Lyons Memorial Fund
The Ben & Hilda Katz Centre for Gerontological Social Work


8:00 Registration and Refreshments

8:45 Welcome & Introductory Remarks

Dr. William Reichman, President and CEO, Baycrest

Ms. Peggy Arden, Chairperson, Baycrest Social Work Clinic Day Planning Committee

9:00 Still Life!: Why Making Art Makes Sense

Robin Glazer, MS

The benefits of providing quality arts experiences to older adults have been proven and these
benefits include better health, stronger cognition, increased social interaction and,some suggest, longer lives. Developing best practices in providing arts to older adults can produce a rejuvenating effect on the entire community, from participants to their caregivers.

9:45 The Creative Spirit….
A View of the World
Joel Walker, MD, FRCPC

In this presentation Dr. Walker will discuss how a group of institutionalized elderly with varied
impairments became consciously involved in developing their own potential and growth through
the use of photography.

10:30 Refreshment Break

10:45 Using Drama to Humanize Dementia Care
Pia Kontos, PhD

This presentation will explore the effectiveness of drama in the context of the qualitative
evaluation of an arts-informed educational program on person-centred dementia care. Analysis of focus groups and interviews with nurses and allied health care practitioners who participated in the program suggests that drama is an effective pedagogical tool and is well positioned to
strengthen initiatives that seek to improve dementia care.

11:30 Q & A Panel with Keynote Speakers

12:00 Voices of the Terraces Theatre Troupe

The cast members of this theatre group are 80 years and over, and perform a range of mini-plays thematically based on the emotional, psychological and physical experiences of aging and living in a retirement setting.

12:30 Lunch

Followed by workshop sessions

For more information:Please contact Paula Ferreira at 416-785-2500 ext. 2363 or e-mail pferreira@baycrest.org