Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aiding Dramatic Change in Development Workshop

Aiding Dramatic Change in Development is a non-profit organization working to empower
communities in Canada and abroad through participatory arts processes reflecting the culture, desires, and life experiences of the people in the community.
They draw heavily on Theatre of the Oppressed and Jacques LeCoq physical theatre approaches. Their approach evolved while creating the Zisize Drama Group in rural South Africa - both during rehearsals, and within a program of community-led interventions around the schools of Ingwavuma (an area with a 30+% HIV/AIDS prevalence).

Workshop description:

Day I – Playing with our perceptions of space. Learn how three elemental spaces of
performance (inner psycho-physical; concrete “real”; and outer “ethereal”) can aid community
actors explore personal and social realities. See how these principles can be used in other
contexts to create supportive environments that promote dialogue, debate and change.

Day 2 – Transforming meaning using spacial awareness and image theatre. How can
we encode emotional content contained within our minds and bodies into spacial relationships?
What new possibilities result from using space to represent cultural meaning, and how can conflict be explored more objectively using space rather than violent poses?

Workshop is relevant for:

• People interested in developing their interpersonal skills

• Those interested in experiencing a shared sense of play

• Workshop facilitators and educators

• Those developing community based research, or community development projects

• People with theatre skills wanting to work in community, social and political contexts

At the end of the workshop there will be an opportunity to reflect and unpack the exercises.
Facilitators will be available for private follow up discussions with participants after the workshop regarding their individual needs.
More Information: contact Stephen Sillett at: (or tel: 416 823 4957)