Monday, April 16, 2012

IJCAIP Advisory Board member, Robert Kelly keynote speaker at Creative Teaching and Learning Conference, Dalhousie

We are pleased to announce IJCAIP Advisory Board member Dr. Robert Kelly who acted as associate editor on our CAIP Research Series, will be featured as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Creative Teaching and Learning Conference at Dalhousie University, May 2, 2012. We have attached the announcement below:

Keynote Speaker

May 2, 2012

Dalhousie University is delighted to welcome artist and educator Robert Kelly as the keynote speaker for the 2012 Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning.

Robert Kelly, Ph.D.,
University of Calgary

Educating for Creativity

Educational environments that value collaborative creative practice, design thinking and intrinsic motivation balanced with discipline competency have become an imperative for passionate, sustainable and engaging educational cultures of the future.

This keynote presentation will explore how an educational culture of creativity can be implemented across the educational spectrum. This presentation will include Robert Kelly's new research and ideas on creative development in this field from his latest volume Educating for Creativity ( in press) including numerous profiles of schools from around the world where creativity is a primary rationale for education. The vocabulary and principles of creativity theory and creative development will be explored as well as is the nature and dynamic of idea generation and evolution. Strategies for assessing creative development will also be discussed.

How do we as educators develop our own creative maturity to enable educational environments conducive to creative development? Take a journey around the globe from the Kaospilots in Denmark to Stanford's D School while exploring the nuts and bolts of how to bring the concept of creativity into daily educational practice. Bring your ideas and a sense of humour while we explore the notion of teaching and learning creatively and more importantly the concept of learning to create.


Educator and artist Robert Kelly is an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts and an adjunct associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. His research is focused on developing a comprehensive approach to developing an educational culture of creativity that ranges from examining educational practice from around the globe to transforming curriculum design and teacher education and practice. His recent book Creative Expression, Creative Education: Creativity as a Primary Rationale for Education and his new volumes Educating for Creativity (in press) and Creative Journey: Developing Personal and Professional Creativity (June, 2013) span the breadth of his research focused on transforming educational culture. He is also associate editor for two research volumes from the International Journal of Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice CAIP research series entitled "Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice Inquiries for Hope and Change" (2010) and "Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change" (2011).

Robert has pioneered new programs in teacher education focused on creativity in educational practice. These programs debut across western Canada in the summer of 2012 in the new Interdisciplinary Masters of Education program at the University of Calgary, the Summer Institute of Creativity in Educational Practice at the University of Manitoba and the Summer Institute in Education: Creativity at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan. These programs engage educators in first hand creative development. These exciting, new initiatives establish a clear vocabulary and understanding of creative development strands that lead to creative maturity through writing creatively, creating across the discipline spectrum, design thinking and designing educational spaces for creativity in educational practice.

As artist, his conceptual Minutia installation, currently working its way across Canada and now showing at Dalhousie Art Gallery as part of the “Unbound” enhibition,consists of eleven books of concrete poetry on lecterns, based on the sentence fragment “the first time I heard the sound of a page turning.” His other bodies of work include his intensely painted Concept of Raven series and his latest outdoor installation, The White Noise Project.

Robert has received several awards for teaching excellence and is featured on the University of Calgary's Great Teachers website. He has done numerous keynote presentations, lectures and workshops on the various dimensions of the concept of creativity across Canada and internationally and is known for his insightful, humorous anecdotes from his life as a career educator, designer and artist.