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2014 August News International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice IJCAIP

International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice IJCAIP E/News, August 2014


August 2014 News Update

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, Brush Education, (dist. University of Toronto Press)

The book Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, edited by Cheryl  McLean, a project of IJCAIP and published by Brush Education (dist. by University of Toronto Press)  was released in January.  We were pleased to include a foreword in the book contributed by The American Medical Students' Association.  Described by Dr. Michael Gordon, Medical Program Director of Palliative Care, Baycrest Geriatric Health Care, Toronto, as a "must read for those responsible for medical education", the book, recently reviewed by Hektoen International, Journal of the Medical Humanities, Chicago  has been well received  internationally with reviews upcoming in 2014  from The Canadian Medical Association Journal CMAJ  and The South African Medical Journal SAMJ.  The book was recently featured in The Arts Health Institute, Australia journal/magazine, "spoonful" a leading new international magazine in the arts and health field.


Update on Keynotes 2014 Alberta Psychiatric Association, Acadia School of Education

Alberta Psychiatric Association Annual Conference 2014, Rimrock Hotel, Banff Alberta

Living Stories of Hope and Change, Role of the Creative Arts in Healthcare and Physician Wellness

How can the creative arts and story bring about change and contribute to physician wellness?  How can creative arts in research and action  help enhance practice offering us new ways to communicate and empathize with client experience?  A recent keynote for psychiatrists sought to address these questions while demonstrating the creative arts in action in mental health.  See a transcript of highlights from this keynote.  Visit the Alberta Medical Association website for more information about this presentation.


School of Education, Summer Conference 2014, Acadia University, Nova Scotia

Navigating the Tides of Challenge and Change with The Creative Arts in Research and Practice

How do we engage today's teachers and educational leaders  in contemporary thinking that positions creativity at the centre of curriculum?    How can today's educators help offer solutions and navigate the tides of challenge and change in their own communities with creative arts in research and practice?  In a keynote address July 2014  for 200 students and faculty around the topic of Creative Professionalism in Education, this keynote examined problems of local concern while proposing creative solutions for change.  See complete transcript of the keynote Navigating Tides of Challenge and Change with Creative Arts in Research and Practice.    


Courses 2014

I was invited this summer  to teach the course Problems in Education, Research in Creativity at Acadia University (MEd Curriculum Studies).  The course was designed to introduce creative arts in research and interdisciplinary practice relating to education and social needs and change in schools and/or communities and drawing on the research texts Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change and Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change for illustrative examples in practice.  Information



Upcoming Issues of IJCAIP Journal


Planning for the next issue of IJCAIP Journal is underway around the topic of alternative approaches in medical education and practitioner health and wellness.  Expected publication date November 2014.


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