Friday, January 4, 2008

Mapping the Arts and Health in Alberta

More news today from our CCAHTE Journal subscribers,

This just in from Michael Dickinson and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts,

Mapping the Arts & Health in Alberta

In May 2006, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) launched a project to map the arts and health in the province. The result inventory will list key programs, activities and practitioners working in this area. We are using a broad approach to capture activities and practitioners delivering arts and health programming for various reasons, and in a multitude of settings.
When completed, the inventory will both provide an effective networking tool, and serve as a resource for those organizations and individuals interested in getting involved in arts and health programming.

The Alberta Arts and Health inventory will grow as more and more administrators and practitioners involved in this area become aware of this initiative. The inventory is available at at the following link:

To request a copy, or be included in the Alberta Arts and Health Inventory, or to learn more about the survey approach being followed, contact:

Research Consultant (Arts Branch), P: 780.415.0911 (310.0000 for toll free dialling);