Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We received many emails from our CCAHTE Journal subscribers in the last several days and I am very pleased to hear from so many professionals actively working in arts, health, training
and education. Here is our latest post from Marlana Carnett, Quebec:

"I found your site while researching the market for creative workshops.... The labels for the blog articles cover all possible aspects of integrating the arts into the health, training and education worlds.
The CCAHTE Journal is an excellent resource because the articles include insights gained from personal experiences and could assist in greater professional efficacy. I greatly appreciated the article by Carl Leggo Ph.D. (September 07 issue) which so humanly and poetically shows the reader the way to be and do integratively. Leggo's "bottom line" is that the inner voice (the slow, honest and timeless one) longs to be heard over the din of "success", hurry and mass media.
I bring a one hour inspirational respite to the workplace every week for twelve weeks culminating in a journal written and illustrated by each individual."

Marlana Carnett
les ateliers FORTUNE workshops