Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photo Gallery October

For me, photography is art and therapy...a chance to get out in nature and observe my surroundings closely. It's good medicine. The first 3 are from a series called "the blue egg", and below a few others.

All photos copyright c. mclean

the first photos were reflections through a coloured glass ball, I like the
dreamlike quality of the shots viewers can fill in their own stories, next
the Dahlia has the painted, surreal quality I try for, next what I call a "found" visual metaphor a natural reflection on the pond which for me immediately suggested childbirth..even the small roundish reflection in the lower left corner looked a bit like an infant's face, 2nd photo from left I came across a pile of recycled scrap at the local dump...the horse, a memory of childhood, reluctant to go, has its own story to
tell, photo 3 the wedding chairs found lined up "the morning after the wedding" at Elora Mill, next leaves in water, leaves in mud and a feather floats by..a bit of fancy.