Monday, March 19, 2012

IJCAIP Advisory Board Profiles: George Belliveau

George Belliveau Ph.D., Associate Professor,
LLED, Language and Literacy Education

University of British Columbia

Areas of Research

Drama Education
Arts Education
Drama and Social Justice
Teacher Education
Canadian Drama
Ethnodrama, Performed Research
Drama and/in Second Language Learning

Current Research Projects

Exploring the Potential of Research-Based Theatre in the Field of Education: Humanities and Social Sciences Large Research Grant. Principal Investigator: George Belliveau.

Exploring the Transformational Potential of Arts-Based Research: Theory, Method and Practice: Canada Institute of Health Research. Principal Investigator: Katherine Boydell; Co-investigator: George Belliveau, Bill Leeming, Kate Tilleczek.

Arts-Based Methods in Health Research: Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Principal Investigator: Sue Cox; Co-investigator: George Belliveau.

Becoming Pedagogical through A/r/tography in Teacher Education: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, May, 2008-May, 2011. Principal Investigator: Rita Irwin; Co-investigators: George Belliveau, Peter Gouzouasis, Carl Leggo, Donal O'Donoghue; Stepanie Springgay.

Addressing the Role of the Bystander through Drama in Bullying Situations: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, May, 2007-May, 2010. Principal Investigator: George Belliveau; Co-investigator: Shelley Hymel.

Assessing Ethnotheatre as a Form of Educational Research: Humanities and Social Science Small Research Grant. Mar, 2007-Apr, 2008. Principal Investigator: George Belliveau.

Say Peace: Vancouver Foundation, Nov, 2006-Jun, 2007. Principal Investigator: Heather Duff: George Belliveau (collaborator).

Refereed Journal Publications

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Refereed Books

Fels, Lynn and George Belliveau. (2008). Exploring curriculum: performative inquiry, role drama and learning. Vancouver, British Columbia: Pacific Education Press.

Refereed Book Chapters

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Non-Refereed Journal Publications

Belliveau, George, Vince White. (2008). It’s elementary! Learning and building community through Shakespeare. Proceedings Hawaii International Conference on Education. (2008): 806-817.

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