Sunday, March 18, 2012

IJCAIP Advisory Board Profiles: Lubomir Popov

Lubomir Popov, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, U.S.A.

Lubomir Popov is an Associate Professor in the Interior Design Program at Bowling Green State University. He is also an affiliated faculty with the American Culture Studies Program. Lubomir holds degrees in architecture (M.Arch, PhD) and sociology (PhD). His main research interest is in sociocultural issues of architecture, focusing on building users and their culture. He applies this knowledge in the field facilities programming. Lubomir has a number of other research interests that support his main pursuits.

Dr. Popov works with qualitative research methods, most often from a symbolic interactionist perspective. He is interested in emerging qualitative methods and epistemologies in design research, such as autoethnography and performance ethnography. He has worked for a decade with social philosophers and philosophers of science and keeps his interest in epistemological and methodological issues. Lubomir also uses critical theory perspectives. As a sociologist, he considers himself a member of the humanistic sociology community. As an architect, he is interested in conceptual design, vanguard design developments, futuristic design, installations, and various approaches to fusing architecture and the arts.

Dr. Popov has authored three monographs on architectural programming, the culture of architectural programming clients, and architecture student culture. He has published 26 refereed articles and has delivered over a hundred refereed conference presentations. Lubomir continues his projects on facilities programming, user behavior, and user culture. His epistemological and methodological pursuits include topics on experiential knowledge and practice wisdom.

Dr. Popov is a Fellow of Design Research Society (DRS) (UK), Board member of Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (USA), Member of the organizing committee of the Experiential Knowledge Special Interest Group (EKSIG) with DRS. He is also on the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry Collaborating Sites Steering Committee, as well as a Member Scholar, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Lubomir is a member of Environmental Design Research Association and a co-chair of the Programming/POE Network.