Sunday, April 22, 2007

Poetry About Memory, Dementia and Search for Identity, Post from Laurie Block

"The poem, Coming to My Senses, came to me, uncharacteristically, complete and nearly finished during a walk along the banks of the Seine River in Old Saint Boniface, the Franco Manitobain quarter of Winnipeg. It struck me as a "keystone" poem; one upon which the integrity of the entire manuscript depended. I knew immediately that it was either the introductory piece, or as it turned out, the final poem in Time Out Of Mind, a collection that explores memory, dementia and the search for healing and identity."Coming to My Senses stands not as an end but a new beginning, the first steps on the path of a transformation in consciousness. Memory and the sense of self depend on our capacity to honour, preserve and amplify the web of relationships that hold our lives intact. Without memory our connections, to self and to other; to the planet and to our gods, become unsustainable. In turning and returning to our senses we become able to express, kindle and experience love from the moment of birth to our final breath.It was an honour to have "Coming To My Senses" reprinted for a wider audience in the September 2006 edition of the CCAHTE Journal. Now I am thrilled to have my book recognized by my peers in the poetry circle. I'll let you know the results as soon as they are in."

More Info about "Time Out of Mind" and Laurie Block
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Read poem "Coming to my Senses" in free September 06 Issue CCAHTE
"The Poetry of Practice"
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Guest Post Sunday April 29, 2007
Laurie Block

Good news. I have been shortlisted for two prizes at the Manitoba
Writing and Publishing Awards annual do. It was an honour to be
considered for the McNally Robinson book of the year and
an absolute thrill to win the inaugural Landsdowne Poetry Prize.

My cup is full.Laurie

Bravo, Laurie! Great to hear this news and congratulations,