Monday, April 30, 2007

News from Health Care Technology and Place CIHR Strategic Research and Training Program HCTP, University of Toronto

These are just a few of the arts/science and
creativity related events just
in from Sandra Knol,Healthcare, Technology
and Place, CIHR Strategic Research and Training Program (HCTP),
University of Toronto

1. in situ: art/body/medicine - 10th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival

2. The Creativity Conversation

in situ: art/body/medicine- 10th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival
Date: May 24 – 27, 2007
Location: Various activities presented across the University of Toronto

Festival Abstract: For the 10th Anniversary Festival, Subtle Technologies presents practitioners of arts, sciences and medicines, and those who study their context, historians, ethicists, and other critical thinkers to contemplate how these disciplines can work together and reshape perspectives on the body. As scientific and technological breakthroughs prominently occupy our culture, we ask where the boundaries are. We are interested in investigating how we relate bodies in situ: as parts, as a whole, as systems; how we identify, map, modify, protect, violate, and heal. Explore our diverse program which includes symposia, exhibitions, a workshop, and performances.
HCTP Mentors and Fellow Art Installations
Jack Butler (Mentor): Fatemaps: Would You Like To Know What Will Happen? and Genital Embryogenesis
Monir Moniruzzaman (Fellow): Rough Cut
David Theodore (Mentor), Curator: Children and Youth Picture SickKids Hospital Photo Exhibition
The Creativity Conversation
Date: June 11 – 12, 2007
Location: De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Abstract: Imagine a world where we could all work together, across disciplines, across conventional boundaries. Where the creative process could transfer from one person to the next, from one area to another, without impedance. Where tools existed that worked across fields and working methods. Where communication was easy because everyone talked the same language. Where we are more creative as a result. Is this possible? How can we make it possible? This is what we seek to explore with The Creativity Conversation (1), a two-day symposium exploring creativity. Source: The KMDiary Volume 8, Issue #4 (April 2007).
Info source:
HCTP Digest April 27, 2007.