Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Links in Education, Health, Humanities

Our CCAHTE subscriber network includes cross disciplinary
representation from universities and other organizations in
North America and internationally actively involved in arts
informed research,medical humanities, aging research and many
other fields. I thought periodically I would share some of
these links with you which might help foster your own
new links and connections in the creative arts, health,
training and education.

Today's links:

OISE Ontario Institute of Studies in Education,
Centre for Arts Informed Research

Centre for Ethics, Humanities, Palliative Care
University of Rochester, Rochester, New York

Dalhousie University Humanities in Medicine Program
Faculty of Medicine, Dalhouse University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine Program
University of Alberta, Edmonton

Institute of Medical Humanism
Centre for Communication in Medicine
Bennington, Vermont

Boston University School of Public Health,
Dept. of Health Law Bioethics and Human Rights