Thursday, August 28, 2008

OnTheRoadMedia Penetrating Journalism, Stunning Simplicity, Stories for Change

Photo from OnTheRoad Media site C. McLean

Yesterday I received an email from Laura Lo Forti requesting a subscription for The Canadian Creative Arts and Health Training and Education Journal. As I often do, I checked out the website information provided and found myself at the site of "OnTheRoadMedia" the multi media production and storytelling team founded by Lo Forti and photojournalist Justin Mott.

Laura Lo Forti is an Italian freelance journalism and multi media producer based in New York and is involved in several compelling digital storytelling projects designed to empower
disadvantaged communities. Justin Mott is a photojournalist who currently resides in Hanoi Vietnam. His personal assignments have been featured in "Time", "Newsweek" and "The New York Times". Also part of this progressive media team is Ehrin Macksey who helps handle multi media design for OnTheRoadMedia.

There are three powerful examples of projects available to view at the website;

"Third Generation Agent Orange", "4 Monks and a Baby", "Facing a Wall Nu's Story".

Breaking through the modern day "info overload" with raw and stunning simplicity, this talented team of young and progressive artist journalists have brought to light those stories that seldom have a voice. Moving black and white photography, superb sound production quality reflecting the sounds of the people places and environments, simple facts and statements in white print against a black backdrop drive the story powerfully forward....clean outstanding communicating, cuts to the heart of it. This work can be painful to witness but it is hopeful work. Digital storytelling at its best opening the road for social change. CM
See Justin Mott's photoblog .