Friday, June 1, 2007

Art, Photography, Film and Video New Narratives Welcomed at International Visual Sociology Conference

2007 Conference of the International Visual Sociology Association

Public Views of the Private; Private Views of the Public

August 10, 11, 12, 2007 New York University New York
Keynote speaker:Martha Rosler

The 2007 Conference of the International Visual Sociology Association will take place August 10,11,12 at New York University in New York City.

"The theme for the 2007 IVSA conference is the multi-faceted relationship between public and private realms and how they are shaped by human action while at the same time conditioning our lives. The aim of the conference is to visually examine the various layers of the public/private relationship. Presenters and panelists are invited to explore how the social is embodied in the built environment, how visual media challenge and/or reinforce the traditional divide between public and private; and the alternative frameworks that visual sociology offers for reconstructing this relationship."

"Cultural forms, social institutions, and power structures always frame private and public realms. Recent research suggests that the relations and borders between public and private are rapidly changing. Visual Sociology provides useful tools for investigating and interpreting the complexity and interpenetration of public and private realms; making visible intersections, historical legacies, and cross-cultural processes. Art, photography, film and video as well as careful observation can depict local communities and global society and elucidate social cohesion and social conflict."

"Visual researchers construct their own images and interpretive narratives elucidating and questioning "the image" of public views and private views. The conference will present a wide variety of formats including video, poster sessions, installations, performances, photo exhibits, and multimedia presentations as well as traditional papers."

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