Thursday, June 28, 2007

Banff Centre Inspires Creativity A Place for Artistic Collaborations

This afternoon my thoughts turn to the mountains and our Canadian West.

I have heard from many artists and researchers who have had rich experiences working independently and collaboratively at the Banff Centre in Alberta. I thought you may be interested in the following information:

"Banff has offered artists the opportunity to pursue their work in an environment of inspiring physical grandeur, in company with fellow artists engaged in the act of creative exploration, in an institutional culture shaped by profound respect for the creative process. The gifts that Banff has offered to the creative spirit: the power of place, the luxury of time, the synergy of community, the opportunity to pursue hard creative work both in isolation yet in a community of like-minded people, remain important and relevant.”

"The Banff Centre is a catalyst for creativity, with a transformative impact on those who attend our programs, conferences and events. Our alumni create, produce and perform works of art all over the world, lead our institutions, organizations and businesses, and play significant roles in our cultural, social, intellectual and economic well-being, and in the preservation of our environment. "
See slide show for more information: