Saturday, May 12, 2007

Homelessness, Social Action, Photovoice, Appeal for Cameras and Donations

Urgent! Participate, Act, Get Involved
Help Homeless Persons Voice Their Stories
Support Research Project with
Cameras and Donations

We blogged a story on May 8, 2007 from Toronto,
Ontario, "Researcher Raises
Awareness About Homelessness through
Photodocumentary, Photovoice, Story and Narrative
Methods (refer to post in sidebar) about researcher
and artist Nancy Viva Davis Halifax Ph.D. and her photovoice
project working with homeless persons on the streets
of Toronto with the Street Health Community Nursing
Foundation. Read more

This empowering arts informed project helps
homeless and underhoused persons photograph, record and
document true stories about the realities of living
and surviving in downtown Toronto.

"armed with a shoestring budget and cameras that
eventually had to be held together by elastic bands
a group of homeless men and women set out to
document their first hand experiences in Toronto...
Each of the photographs shows a place in a way that
disrupts the central concept of its daily use. "

"These forgotten people, how can we forget
people who are in plain sight? How are we
able to construct an account of life that leaves
them out of any rights
based society where justice matters? How can
we work against the collapse of hope?"
Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, Ph.D. Researcher, Artist

How can you help?

1. Put the cameras in the hands of the people
who can tell the stories. If you have a used camera,
or a new one, wrap it up
and send it today to:

Street Health,
338 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2Al

Attention: Erika Khandor

2. If you are able, send a donation to Street Health,
visit website at and click on "donations"
page for full instructions.

All cheques should be made out to Street Health
and should include
"PHOTOVOICE" in the memo line.

We hope you might consider participating in a very worthwhile
arts informed research project for hope and change.

"If I have my story I'm alive. If I share my voice with others I'm a human being."