Saturday, May 12, 2007

Social Work Research and Arts, New Initiative University of Toronto

Movement in Arts Research in Canada Gains Momentum
Visionary Initiative Underway in Arts
and Social Work Research
University of Toronto

CCAHTE Journal , (Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education ), Advisory Board has among its members leaders across disciplines in research, arts, health, training and education. We will be introducing our board members over the coming weeks offering some insight into their projects, research and ongoing work at the intersections of the arts, humanities and sciences.
The following article introduces the work of CCAHTE Advisory Board member Professor Adrienne Chambon.

Professor Adrienne Chambon, Faculty of Social Work,
University of Toronto, has particular interests in institutional
arrangements and subjectivities, critical theory and
developing social science knowledge through the arts.
In a recent article on "Social Work and the Arts" she spoke
about the new initiative at The University
of Toronto, "The Arts and Social Work Research Initiative"
and progressive new advances in arts research in Social Work and
the health sciences.

"More and more our faculty and students have been
making use of the arts in their projects...and we
wanted to build on the momentum and create a
catalyst for this kind of activity. Dr. Chambon
founded the Arts and Social Work Research Initiative
along with Professors Ernie Lightman and Izumi Sakamoto.
"This is the first time a school of Social Work has formalized
the trend to incorporate an arts-based approach
in research. It's a trend not only in
Social Work but also in the health sciences...
we're establishing the faculty as a leader in
this emerging area."

Already three faculty members have received funding
for major arts based research projects and important
new collaborations are underway.


And today FYI....more Open Access News:
Read "Why Open Medicine?"by James Maskalyk MD,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto
"Open Medicine" Editorial Vol 1, No. l (2007)


CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research"The mandate of CIHR, as stated in the CIHR Act is: to excel in the creation of new knowledge and its translation into improved health for Canadians, more effective health services and products and a strengthened Canadian health care system.""....CIHR has a fundamental interest in ensuring that research outputs are available to the widest possible audience.CIHR's policy promoting access to research outputs rests on the foundation of the CIHR Act and reflects the core values articulated in CIHR's Blueprint for Health Research and Innovation, the organization's strategic plan, which states that:"the primary purpose of all research in the public domain is the creation of new knowledge in an environment that embodies the principles of freedom of inquiry and unrestricted dissemination of research results."

And from SSHRC, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada;"Today new information and communication technologies are beginning to change the way research results are published and disseminated. Open access journals published online made available to the reader without charge are allowing for increased and more broad based and efficient access to scholarly literature, and ultimately, knowledge."